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Commissioners and policymakers will find a wide range of guidance and policy resources below. These have been published by the NHS, other public bodies and the NCHA. These provide helpful background material when considering service design and care.

If you have any questions or would like to access any of our member resources to help you commission high quality services locally, please email us at [email protected].

Population health

The NCHA has worked in partnership with the NHS and other stakeholders to co-produce the following resources, with the goal of assessing and meeting hearing needs.

Although these documents are written for England, the lessons are generalisable to the rest of the UK.

The NCHA's policy team has also worked in collaboration with the WHO, contributing to the World Health Organization's, Ear and Hearing Survey Handbook 2020.The handbook enables countries to gather data by planning and implementing population-based epidemiological surveys.

Key policy documents

In this section you will find key health policy publications that reviewed hearing care services in the UK. It is hoped that lessons learnt from past service reviews will help commission more effective and equitable services in the future, in turn helping tackle hearing health inequalities.

Service reviews
Commissioning guidance
Archived guidance