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Position statements

The NCHA publishes position statements on issues that affect our members and the hearing sector.

Audiology – the fifth primary care service
Hearing problems, including earwax, reduced hearing and tinnitus, affect millions of adults in the UK. Early diagnosis and management of these and other hearing problems can help prevent further risks and reduce costs for all. That is why it is essential every adult in the UK has timely access to an audiology service.
Patients need access to NHS-funded earwax services
Earwax is a natural substance that helps protect the ear canal. However, when it builds up - known as impaction - it can cause hearing loss and earache, contribute to infections, and increase the risks of stress, social isolation and depression.
Open access audiology for all adults
Audiologists are skilled clinicians and should be the first point of contact for access to NHS ear and hearing care in all localities. This would save millions of GP and hospital appointments each year and improve patients' access to treatment.
Innovation in hearing care
As a leading organisation championing hearing care and patients' rights, the NCHA supports all clinical and service innovations that advance safety, effectiveness, and patient and public benefit.
Healthy and active ageing – recognising hearing loss as a long-term condition
Adult hearing loss is one of the most common long-term conditions in older people and is associated with an increased risk of complex health problems. This is why addressing hearing loss should be at the heart of all ageing well strategies.
Time for action – improving access to NHS ear and hearing care
The NCHA supports the NHS goals of reducing outpatient appointments, providing more care in primary care settings, and making better use of technology for the benefit of patients.